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The main Cause of Spiritual depression and how to fix it

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” – ALBERT EINSTEIN In other words, the world is full of people working jobs and doing things that they were not designed to do. They’re trying to […]

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3 Ascension symptoms you can fix by grounding yourself with daily ecotherapy.

Staying grounded is essential for anyone looking to navigate the spiritual awakening and ascension process with the minimum of amount of ascension symptoms. Because stress is usually the main trigger of an awakening, in the early stages people are often ungrounded with blocks in their lower chakras especially the root chakra.   This results in […]

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3 reason you should be intermittent fasting during the Ascension Process

1: Autophagy The spiritual awakening and ascension process is essentially a healing journey. Intermittent fasting and fasting for longer periods of time promotes autophagy which is the recycling and renewing of damages cells. It’s the body’s internal doctor. 2: Improved sleep and energy levels. Chronic fatigue and exhaustion are common symptoms of the ascension process […]

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Ascension Diet Healing and fitness P3 :The Eight Pieces of Brocade – Qigong – lifeforce – self healing

This video is part 3 of the Ascension Diet, healing and Fitness series. Qigong is a system of exercises, body postures, stretches and gentle flowing movements that cultivate and improves the flow of lifeforce energy called qi ( chi ) within the body. Qi Gong translates roughly as the “Cultivation of lifeforce energy”.    Qigong […]

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Ascension Diet Healing and fitness P1 Paida and Lajin self-Healing

This video and this series of videos will be of special interest to those of you going through the spiritual awakening and ascension process, to help you heal and raise your vibration using methods that complement and work with the awakening process. Everything I’m going to share with you today and over the next week […]

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Ego death explained

In order for your so soul to learn and evolve it must project its consciousness into physical reality with no memory of its origins in order to be human and experience life with all its ups and downs. This is how your soul learns through negative emotions and experiences. Physical reality is a training ground […]

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What is Kundalini?

“Kundalini is the energetic component of a spiritual awakening” – Victor Oddo Kundalini as a spark of your soul; its 9’th dimensional energy housed in your 3-dimensional body. Kundalini activation is part of the overall awakening and ascension process, its purpose is to heal you and raise your vibration so you can be fully integrated […]

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