Ascension energy update October 30'th 2018 - After you Awaken

Ascension energy update October 30’th 2018

the butterfly effect

I’m calling this feeling I have now the Butterfly effect

How do you feel now after the Blood moon?

Are you feeling tired?

I know I am. After the blood moon and all the letting go and stepping in a new direction; after taking action to put these changes in place, I now feel exhausted. I can’t sleep enough at the moment.

Just like a butterfly emerging from the chrysalis and flying off with its newfound freedom, after the initial take off it can get tired and needs to rest a while as it adjusts to its new way of life

This is exactly what’s happening to us all right now on the ascension path

So if you feeling tired, don’t be hard on yourself, it’s normal to feel tired now.

However, there are things we can do now, like internal work and active recovery to minimise the downtime and also prime our minds and our bodies for the next evolutionary step.

I used to do a lot of  cycling from age 16-21 ( rd racing ), and my old club captain pulled me to one side one day and  he said something I’ll never forget, he said “Fran it never gets any easier it just gets Faster”

The same goes for the awakening and ascension process, the changes in your life will come quicker in every way and you’ll just roll with it, but when you get a chance to take a breath like we are now, you’ll do everything possible to prep for the next leap because you’ll want nothing more than to go further and faster next time around.

Below is a list of things you can be doing now during the downtime.

You don’t have to do all or any of these but if you can fit some of these into your daily routine you’ll reap the rewards in the days and weeks to come…

Internal work


Now is a time for more meditation. I’m meditating 3 times a day for 20 mins a time. I just sit in a quiet room, legs crossed, hands together and observe my breathing ( mindfulness meditation ). I’ve always been big on meditation and its the foundation of the awakening and ascension process. Try to build some meditation time into your day.

Affirmations and binaural beats

During the day I take a least one break and lay on the sofa with my headphones in and listen to some binaural beats, guided meditations, and affirmations. There’s a tonne of stuff on youtube, I just pick one and listen to it. Depending on my mood and what I need an extra boost of that day these guided meditations have either a health theme, a wealth theme or simply an all-around well-being theme. I tend to mix it up.

On a night before I go to sleep, I listen to a more a more regular structured course to help me reprogram my subconscious with the positive programs I want to be running and also to help me remove all the negative programming I picked up over the years before my awakening. ( remove all the drone programming from the matrix )

Currently, I’m using the 15 min manifestation program which I’m loving, If you can afford $47.00 then I’d recommend it. If not put your self a structured program together with stuff on youtube to work on specific blocks and issues in your own life. You want your subconscious to deal with these things behind the scenes while you sleep.

**** Get the tv turned off and start been selective of the information you put in your mind. Most TV is GARbage and adverts designed to program your mind as a consumer of shite products that don’t need. If you don’t take charge of your subconscious someone else will****

Self-care: Active recovery

Now is the time the time to double down / triple down on the self-care. My routine is below, build some of this into your day if you can.


I’m currently fasting for 19 hours a day from 10 pm at night to 5 pm the next day. I feel the fasting gives my body more time to purge the toxins from my system. When you’re eating every 3 or 4 hours your body can’t do all the repair processes it needs to do. However, it can while your fasting, while you’re fasting your healing.

I just have water and green tea during my fast period. While your fasting your natural growth hormone levels increase dramatically. You might laugh but I’m pretty sure I stopped ageing a few years back and I’m convinced if I stick on the path I’m on now I’ve got some superpowers coming soon as well.

The Greens

Get loads of leafy greens in you, like as much as possible. There’s loads of nettles round near where I live so I’m picking them my self every day, giving them a quick boil to take out the sting and then eating them. Nettles are awesome, if you’ve got some near you, pick em, boil em and eat em :).

Good Fats

You need plenty of good fats to support hormone production in your endocrine system. Get some organic cold pressed coconut oil and some 100% nuts natural peanut butter and get stuck in. Fats are your friend. I get about 30% of your calories from good fats. Good fats give you sustained energy levels during the day. Lay of sugar altogether and just use a little honey in your green tea if you need it.


Get some kind of fruit smoothie made every day and put a teaspoon full of spirulina in there. It’s legendary stuff.


Keep the energy flowing and get outdoors as much as you can. Get your socks and shoes off and walk on the grass in your bare feet for 10mins a day at least. Awesome for grounding and chilling you out naturally. Don’t worry if the grounds cold and a bit wet this feeling will invigorate you even more.

My AM routine

– Tibetan 5 rites

– Open the energy gates ( qigong )

– 8 brocades ( qigong )

– 30 mins callisthenics

– Walk the dog ( barefoot on grass )

PM Routine

Walk the dog ( barefoot on the grass )

Wrapping  up

Ok, guys, get some of this embedded into your daily routine and I promise you’ll reap the benefits. By the time you get out of this rest phase if you’ve been doing your internal work and self-care you’ll blast off again with more energy more focus, more vigour than ever before.




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